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HDO#3: AppsforAmsterdam Kickoff (EN)

Today is the official launch of AppsforAmsterdam, a citycamp-like event for those interested in improving their city with a focus on building useful applications using open government data (or scraped into freedom).

Hack de Overheid is partnering with Waag Society and Amsterdam City Council (gemeente Amsterdam) to launch a new open data competition (rules and prizes to be announced on Feb 16th). We’re asking you, free spirits, students, programmers, entrepreneurs, designers and civil servants to come to build great things and to share ideas.

There are two dates to bear in mind. The kickoff event is on February 16th and the actual hackday, March 12th. You need to sign up for each of these separately and you are welcome to both.

We also welcome international visitors and encourage you to come. Apart from it being a great excuse to come to Amsterdam, we notice that event like these are always richer with your addition.

Sign up for the Kickoff (speakers and drinks after)
Sign up for the Hack de Overheid goes Apps for Amsterdam

February 16th, 8pm Kickoff Event


Peter Corbett, behind the successful Apps for Democracy competition in the US shares his vision on open data and society.
Carolien Gehrels, Stateholder of Economic Affairs, will speak about the importance of open data for the city.
Marleen Stikker, founder of de Digitale Stad and director of Waag Society will introduce from DDS to the Open City
Lex Slaghuis, co-founder Hack de Overheid, will present some successful apps.
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