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Specialized Open Data Networks

Open data networks open up data concerned with a certain topic in which that network is specialized. Numerous meetings are held throughout the year for which our hackathons are also a platform. During these meetings, knowledge is exchanged about the opening up of data. They also offer an excellent opportunity to conceptualize and present potential applications.

#opencultuurdata // opencultuurdata.nl
This network uses the abundance of data available to heritage institutions, museums, archives and libraries in different areas. Maarten, Lotte and Nikki work to connect a growing variety of people to create a new, original way for accessing this data. Partners of the network are Beelden voor de Toekomst and Creative Commons.

Keep an eye on the website to read up on datablogs. And be sure to sign up for the masterclass here before March 20th! A more elaborate blogpost that reflects and updates on this network is soon to come.

#openonderwijsdata // openonderwijsdata.nl
This network consists of different levels of government, educational institutions, students and programmers. Led by Alette, the aim is to improve the quality of education in the Netherlands. Partner of this network is the Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling from the Amsterdam municipality. Workshop? Coming up:

What? Open Onderwijs Data workshop
When? Thursday, 22nd March at 19.00
Where? Open Coöp in Amsterdam-North
Sign up here.

#openzorgdata // openzorgdata.nl
This network is preparing its first 2012 workshop on health data. Atilla and Amran are helping bootstrap this network, which establishes contact between data owners, coders, government officials and other interested parties. Workshop? Coming up:

What? Open Zorg Data workshop
When? Tuesday, 17th April at 18.00
Where? Open Coöp in Amsterdam-North
Sign up here.





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